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I’m Kaya, and I am a certified and insured hypnotherapist, naturopath and healer. Here you can find the healing services I offer, plus articles, videos and recordings which I choose to upload on this webpage. My goal is to constantly contribute to a healthy and empowered humanity with my work, which consists of spiritual counselling, life coaching, hypnotherapy, naturopathy and healing.

With a holistic approach and a person-centred care I offer help for any emotional and mental issue, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, OCD, PTSD, complex phobias, addictions, improving lifestyle and well-being, personality disorders, ADHD, eating disorders (including weight loss) and all other conditions. My services are meant for anybody, whatever the crisis or life situation, with all the personal relations involved; partners, colleagues, children or other family members.

Although based in Cornwall, UK, I work with my clients all over the world through video-calls, so feel free to contact me wherever you are! Prices for my services are fixed, but there are discounts for people with low income.

Check out the video below to find out more about me and my work. I look forwards to hear from you!

Call me: 07498527611 or write to me: [email protected]

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Life coaching

NewMorning Coaching: Helping people developing their talents to the maximum level, so they can have a fulfilled career and life by impacting world with their work. Career coaching Well-being coaching Emotional coaching Spiritual coaching Life coaching Please call 07498527611 or write to us on [email protected] if you want to start improving your life today!

New: Health Screens!

Follow the link to find the right test for you! More that 700 tests available, from allergy to nutrition deficiencies to any conditions… https://www.medichecks.com/?tap_a=15798-5ae160&tap_s=572196-7a6cb7 After all required tests are done, you can book Naturopathic consultation: http://www.newmorningtherapy.com/what-we-offer/naturopathy/


Thank you, dear clients for giving me such a beautiful confirmation that I am doing the right thing! Receiving two awards in a month feels amazing. And even more amazing is seeing people really improving their life with my sessions of combined hypnotherapy and healing. I am happy to be here for you!


All our events are published on our facebook page New Morning Hypnotherapy and Healing: https://www.facebook.com/newmorningtherapy Latest one: Meditation Group

Emotional processes

Emotional processes Everyone can find themselves in difficult moments of overwhelming emotions. Fear, anger, insecurity or emotional pain can shake our grounds. I am teaching techniques for active and meditative release of emotions. In the session you will have the opportunity to bring yourself to a better connection with yourself and your feelings. Your understanding […]