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My name is Kaya and I am a hypnotherapist, naturopath, life coach and a healer, and I have a level 3 certificate of Mental Health Awarness. Besides I have also studied art therapy, psychological astrology, bioenergy and feng shui.

I stepped on the path of healing at a very young age. Early in my teenage time I decided that I wanted to find a way to help to people with mental and emotional problems on a fundamental level. It quickly became clear to me that suppressed emotions, ignoring how one feels, and feeling ‘not enough’, or not loved and accepted, are  the main reasons for people’s issues.

I wanted to find a way to really come to the roots of emotional trauma and heal them for good.

I have always believed that there are no ‘bad’ people in the world. I believe that every person is beautiful and amazing in his ‘real self’, but because of hurts and suppressed emotions people can get so lost that it seems they became ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’. I see it only as being lost. Lost to yourself.

At first I learnt about energy healing and I practiced it all the time for the past 21 years. And yes, there were some amazing results, and meanwhile I could heal some of my own health issues as well. But with years I understood that every real healing needs to happen on all four levels: Energetical, Emotional, Psychological and Physical, because we exist on these levels and our issues spread through all of them.

Through the years I have learnt some truly powerful tools for healing, and one of them is hypnotherapy. I see hypnotherapy as a brilliant technique to heal the subconscious and through it you can truly improve many things in life. For me my new knowledge was an amazing gift. I started to connect energy healing with hypnotherapy in a session simply called ’emotional process’. In this process one observes the emotion as an energy and release it in a semi-hypnotic state. The extraordinary results I’ve noticed since i applied this approach on my clients leave me humbled and truly grateful. I love my work because I can see people who came in tears leave with a smile, accepting themselves for who they are and feeling ready to start living their life in a new way.

All what I am really doing is helping people to let go of any traumatic event, forgive to life, and to love and accept themselves just as they are. I am not changing anyone. I am only helping to people to become more like their real selves, and to let go the old. To come in peace, feel the ground beneath their feet and to embrace life.

With hypnotherapy and healing I can help on three levels – Energetical, Emotional and Psychological. But there is a Physical level, which is equally important. That is why I studied Naturopathy as well. It is well-known that the gut is our second brain. So I recommend to put some focus on the diet, find out all about your alleries and intolerances and help to your body to heal naturally.

Apart from my healing I have also I studied psychological astrology. I am connecting it with my work, because my experience is that many answers to our life-questions and life-patterns can be found right there in our natal chart. So for the ones who want I offer an astrological reading to help to figure out the main issues and the best way to work on them.

I work in person in Cornwall, UK, or online with people all over the world.

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