Natural-intuitive Energy Healing

We are multidimensional beings, and many times physical symptoms have its roots in energetic, emotional or mental blocks that we not always are aware of. To have a look at the state of these subtle but important parts of you helps to point out where the problem really is.

I have developed Natural-Intuitive Energy Healing© from my own life experiences as a natural healer and it has become a part of my being and way of living. I have successfully and continuously helped people using this technique for over 21 years.

I call my technique ‘natural’, because what I do is nothing else than guiding a person’s energies back to a natural state. That is a state where the person is truly IN himself or herself, in the body, in the now. A state with open senses and channels, connected to himself or herself, earth and sky. From there many different healings are possible.

‘Intuitive’ I call it because the healing never looks the same twice. There are so many possible reasons and roots to people’s problems, and they all need a different approach and a personalized solution. What I always include in my therapy is removal of blocks from chakras and meridians, to take away exterior influences and malevolent entities if needed, and to activate and straighten up your prana-tube to start a healing journey towards your true self!

The Natural-Intuitive Energy Healing is a starting point of a new awareness that will continuously take you through your own personal healing journey. More than an end to a problem, it is the beginning of true recovery!

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