Releasing energetic ties

Every person you get a connection with, and every situation you’ve been involved in, easily leaves an energetic bond; a passage way of energy. This bond ties you to your past and makes you less able to move on and invite new persons and circumstances in your life.

This is especially true after love relationships, or within a controlling family, where you can still feel their emotions and thoughts within you. This is the case even if you are on separate parts of the world and it was long time since you last saw each other.

This state creates confusion about what feelings and thoughts are your own, and what is from others. Your energy is literally all over the place, and it might be difficult to wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to a new relation, or to fully experience the present moment.

In the Releasing Energetic Ties sessions we will together go through these unconscious bonds and bring them out in the light. One by one they will be released in a loving way, making you feel free from the past and ready to embrace the future. It is a deep meditation tecnique. Before you can do it, you need two weeks to work yourself on releasing ties with a simple tecnique for 15 minutes a day. Instructions are given on request.

The Releasing Energetic Ties sessions can be done in person or on distance.

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