The importance of alkaline diet


Many of you heard of alkaline diet and some of you follow it. But many are still not aware, how important it is. Between naturopaths goes a belief that every disease starts with acidity. When body becomes acidic, our immune system starts to fail and many conditions can stem from that. Of course, some conditions are inherited, genetic, but those get worse as well with body acidity.

There are these three main products that cause acidity, but exactly these products are the ones which people find the hardest to give up.

Some of you know which products I am talking about:




There is of course worth to mention also Trans-fats, artificial sweeteners and all kinds of processed foods.

But sugar, gluten and milk are the things our society is built on.

And the main reason for the epidemic of acidity.

Alternatives are many times harmful as well, like artificial sweeteners or gluten free products with added sugar and weird additives. Also milk alternatives are not always healthy, so one needs to learn what to use instead.

To really eat healthy one needs to learn about.

And for many it is just easier to skip this step… Until their body just can’t take it anymore.

I was myself very addicted to sugar. As I didn’t have weight issues I thought I can eat as much as I want. Beside I was battling with my autoimmune disorders, and my health was getting worse. Nothing helped really. Until I decided to try changing diet and study Naturopathy, which, I can say, saved my wellbeing in many ways.

So, I understand how is to be resistant to quitting sugar and tasty bread. But quitting it was my best decision ever. It took me a while to stop craving it. I helped myself with Stevia drops (natural sweetener) and I started to make my own gluten free bread as I didn’t trust to the ones in shops. Luckily, I didn’t drink milk so I didn’t have problems with that.

But to really stop craving it I needed to detoxify my body, replenish my guts and take time for healing. Why is that so? On my learning path I learnt that our bodies actually never crave these things. It is something else that craves it: FUNGUS. Yes, you heard it right. Our body can be full of fungus after years of consuming these things. And to clear fungus out of guts takes time.

Once you succeed to avoid harmful products, you need to learn what to eat, how to eat and how to make it enjoyable.

Most people think that alkaline diet means to eat only green leafy vegetables.

Far from it.

You can enjoy a healthy hot chocolate as well! And many great treats. And the amazing reward for eating healthy is that you become more energised, looking younger, and your immune system becomes stronger. With detoxifying your body you can improve or even heal many conditions. Get better sleep. Improve your mood.

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