Overcoming anxiety, panic attacks and stress

Do you suffer from anxiety? Are you over stressed? Do you feel trapped in your feelings and emotions?

There can be several reasons for anxiety. The first one is definitely unprocessed, unhealed traumas from childhood or later. Whenever we suppress emotions which we aren’t able to deal with, they go in our subconscious and silently affect us and control us from there.

After years of suppressing them they grow more powerful, and yet we aren’t aware of them. They make us react and feel afraid and threatened from small, unimportant situations, which slightly reminds us of our traumas.

Anxiety and stress creates chemical reactions in our brain, and as they become habits we become somewhat “addicted” to them. Our body gets used to those substances which are created while we are anxious, stressed or in panic.

So we need to reprogram ourselves if we want to step out of this anxious circle. Even if we become aware of our traumas, we still need to heal them. And when we heal the traumas our brain can still have a habit to keep on creating reactions. Healing anxiety is like peeling an onion. It takes some time and persistence. This is very difficult to do alone.

I am here to help. I offer holistic counseling combining hypnotherapy, emotional processes, naturopathy and energy healing. With continuous work we can reprogram ourselves so that we may feel peace. We will train ourselves to adopt a more positive outlook on life and take responsibility for our feelings and our life.

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