Emotional processes

Everyone can find themselves in difficult moments of overwhelming emotions. Fear, anger, insecurity or emotional pain can shake our grounds.

I am teaching techniques for active and meditative release of emotions. In the session you will have the opportunity to bring yourself to a better connection with yourself and your feelings. Your understanding of emotions deepens once you learn to face them and overcome them. The goal is to be in control of yourself and your life instead of having difficult emotions control you. But you can’t be in control if you ignore and suppress what you feel. Through confronting it and accepting it you get power over it.

Meditative observing of emotions:

This is a meditative (semi-hypnotic) technique by which you fully feel and observe your emotions. You will be completely aware of them, accept them and understand them.

With this technique is possible to really come to the roots of your problems, wherever they are. With observing and accepting the emotion you can then release it on a very deep level. Within this session you can remember things that you have forgotten, memories that shaped your subconscious patterns and beliefs, behaviours and reactions. And what is most important, you can stop to identify yourself with difficult emotions and learn to release them yourself as well. It is a great tecnique to handle any emotional state. At the end of the session you can receive energy healing as well.

This tecnique is usualy used together with hypnotherapy. With emotional process we release emotional tensions and then change the patterns with hypnotherapy. This can be done in one session (All-in-one session) or as a part of Personal healing process (weekly sessions):

Transformational healing: Emotional process, hypnotherapy and energy healing: All-in-one session!

Personal Healing Process

Active clearing of emotions:

A session can last about one to two hours. I will guide you to feel and face and express your anger. Anger is usually protecting more vulnerable feelings such as fear or sadness, so when anger is released you will access your pain which you always carry with you even if you are not aware of it. You will face and release it. This will bring you new feelings of freedom, acceptance and love to yourself. This technique is life changing and when it is done you can feel a strong sense of relief for quite some time afterwards.

I usually do this process only in person but it is possible to do it over video call as well.

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