Transformational healing: Emotional process, hypnotherapy and energy healing: All-in-one session!

Would you like to experience transformational healing, where I connect three different techniques together?

How does that look like?

To begin with, I will guide you in a semi-hypnotic state, where we will discover the roots of your issues and release them. After that I will guide you in a deep hypnosis where we will change your sub-conscious patterns. At the end you will receive energy healing.

This session is beneficial to release any kind of emotional distress, nervosity, anxiety, or to heal addictions, bad habits, emotional and mental patterns and phobias.

Meditative observing of emotions is a meditative (semi-hypnotic) technique by which you fully feel and observe your emotions. You will be completely aware of them, see them and understand them. I will guide you into such a deep acceptance that you will be able to let go of them and release everything that you don’t need; pain, guilt, fear etc.

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of the mind; you are not asleep nor semi-conscious but aware of what is going on around you during the session. Hypnotherapy is known to give results when an individual wants to see real change in his or her life. In our session I will use what we have processed in the first part of the session, the emotional process, and guide you to change sub-conscious patterns.

Energy healing is important, because our issues are never only physical or psychological. We are multidimensional beings, and many times physical symptoms have its roots in energetic blocks that we not always are aware of. To have a look at the state of these subtle but important parts of you helps to point out where the problem really is. With removing energetic blocks and un-balances we bring our energies back to a natural state. That is a state where the person is truly IN himself or herself, in the body, in the now. A state with open senses and channels, connected to himself or herself, earth and sky. From there many different healings are possible.

This session can last about 2 hours, sometimes more.

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