Hypnotherapy is used to heal different types of phobias, change bad habits, boost self confidence and aid in the healing of past traumas and issues.

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of the mind; you are not asleep nor semi-conscious but aware of what is going on around you during the session. Hypnotherapy is known to give results when an individual wants to see real change in his or her life.

If you want to rid yourself of habits such as smoking, overeating or drinking, overcome fears or tensions, or you wish to become a more healthy and relaxed individual, then hypnotherapy could be right for you.

Personally I prefer doing emotional process before the hypnotherapy as I feel that releasing the emotion first works much deeper (see: https://www.newmorningtherapy.com/what-we-offer/emotional-processes/ and: https://www.newmorningtherapy.com/what-we-offer/transformational-healing-emotional-process-hypnotherapy-and-energy-healing-all-in-one-session/ ).

If you are trying to heal an addiction (from sugar, over-eating, smoking, drugs or other things), I offer Personal healing process (https://www.newmorningtherapy.com/what-we-offer/personal-healing-process/) , where I use more of different techniques. I see addictions as consiquences of traumas and I believe it is very important to heal the trauma first, if you want to heal the addiction and overcome it forever.

For some people and some addictions this can happen very fast (1 all-in-one session can be enough in some cases where the addiction is not so severe: https://www.newmorningtherapy.com/what-we-offer/transformational-healing-emotional-process-hypnotherapy-and-energy-healing-all-in-one-session/ ), for others it takes longer. It really depends on the nature of the issue.

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