Our webshop is open!

We are delighted to announce that we now have a webshop from which you can order our books, supplements and some of our services such as our food intolerance and deficiency test. Get our products delivered to your door! Have a look by clicking on the link below: https://new-morning-ltd-store.ecwid.com/

The importance of alkaline diet

THE IMPORTANCE OF ALKALINE DIET Many of you heard of alkaline diet and some of you follow it. But many are still not aware, how important it is. Between naturopaths goes a belief that every disease starts with acidity. When body becomes acidic, our immune system starts to fail and many conditions can stem from […]

Healing space

Healing Space With a holistic approach and a person-centred practice I am offering help for any emotional and mental issues. I combine hypnotherapy with energy healing for emotional processing and finding the roots of the problem to heal it there, where it came from.

Life coaching

NewMorning Coaching: Helping people developing their talents to the maximum level, so they can have a fulfilled career and life by impacting world with their work. Career coaching Well-being coaching Emotional coaching Spiritual coaching Life coaching Please call 07498527611 or write to us on [email protected] if you want to start improving your life today!