Mysterious tunnel to the lightPast life regression therapy

Past life regression is a kind of hypnotherapy, where you are in a deep relaxation, guided to discover your past. That can mean also the past of this life time, early childhood and forgotten memories. It opens the door of subcounscious and give you answers that you need. If you cannot deal with a life situation from your current point of understanding, and the same situations keep on repeating in your life, it can be a good idea to journey deeper to find the source of the issue.

The session will take you to wherever the root of the issue lies, and will give a fresh perspective. A Regression Therapy can be a true eye opener and an opportunity to see life and its different manifestations from a greater point of view.

In the session you receive advice and solutions from a higher and more tuned-in part of yourself that will take you to whatever situation you need to see for understanding where you are and how you got there – and most importantly: how you can make a positive change. When you see the root of a problem, problem starts to dissapear and heal on a deeper level.

Many times in Regression Therapies you see and perceive thing not connected with this life, but rather a past life. You will be guided as deep as is needed for your questions, and will see as much as you are ready to see.

It can last between 1 and 3 hours.

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