Healing Space

With a holistic approach and a person-centred practice I am offering help for any emotional and mental issues. I combine hypnotherapy with energy healing for emotional processing and finding the roots of the problem to heal it there, where it came from. I use also Naturopathy to improve any conditions.

For some problems (simple phobias or emotions) is enough All-in-one session,


while for other problems like anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, complex phobias, addictions, improving lifestyle and well-being, personality dissorders, ADHD, eating dissorders (also weight loss) and all other conditions I offer spiritual councelling, where I use emotional processing and hypnotherapy separately (one session/one technique) and and any other technique that is needed or wanted (releasing ties, crystal healing, healing art, regression therapy…). Together with this techniques I can give an energy healing to the ones who want it as well.

With these techniques is possible to find the root of the problem and release it and heal it right there, where it came from. It is possible to discover the forgotten memories from childhood  and process them, release the behavior patterns and emotions that we adapted to. With emotional processing I teach people that they are not their emotions and in a hypnothic state they are able to observe their emotions from a relaxed state, so they stop identifying themselves with their emotional state.

The aim is to be able to handle any emotional state, whenever it comes, with an ease. To stop to identify yourself with an emotional state gives you a personal power, a sense of control and self-confidence. And usually these emotions are reduced very soon, after few sessions.

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