Couples retreat

Do you find yourself struggling in relationships? Do you feel your relationships collapsing after a few years together? Are you in this situation right now? Well, there is a reason for it.

We all fall in love for a reason. The beginning is usually fulfilling, full of love and happiness and we feel like we have finally found the right person. But sooner or later, we fall into a fog, the beautiful feelings get hidden, lost somewhere. The person we love is still the same; you are still the same person, so where did it go wrong?

Every relationship faces a crisis, usually after two or three years of being together. Some earlier, some later, but it happens to everyone. So in the beginning we idealise our partner and we see only the best things. Then we realize our partner is also just a human like everyone else and has his/her own issues. And you have your own issues too. The ability to accept these issues is essential. They are reflection from our childhood; our relationship with our parents; also on our own love for ourselves.

How much are we able to accept? To understand? To forgive? Are we able to love unconditionally, both ourselves and our partners? Sooner or later we start to project our feelings about ourselves onto our partner. Suddenly it seems like we don’t see the real him/her anymore and the person we fell in love with disappears. It is important to understand that you and your partner got together for a reason. This reason is not always that you need to stay together at any price, but it here for you both in order to heal your subconscious patterns. If you choose to, your relationship might grow and become the love all are looking for; reliable, honest and fulfilling.

I believe every relationship CAN heal!

But for that, both of you need to decide to work for it. Every relationship is a decision. There is no relationship in this world which is all sunshine, everyone have times of struggle. To come through, you both need to really want it. If you do, everything is possible.

And I am here to help you.

Couples retreat looks similar to Personal healing process for one person, but with more tecniques:

• forgiving exercises

• connecting exercises

• accepting exercises

• releasing unhealthy ties with each other

What techniques can be used in a Personal Healing Process for couples?


With hypnotherapy we can heal our subconscious and access the roots of traumas in order to heal them in a gentle way. As well we can work on different addictions, stress and emotions.

Natural-intuitive energy healing

This is an energy healing to heal your chakras, clear away foreign energies and entities, heal your aura, connect you with the earth and your guidance and bring your energy back to you.

Releasing negative energetic ties

I advise everyone to release ties with their parents first of all, because most of our mindset and patterns originate from our childhood. Another important one is to release ties with our ex partners and any person who has influenced us strongly. With this therapy we release negative interpersonal connections through which we are taking energy from each other.  Our love with this person, our soul connection, is not affected. This therapy takes two weeks of work on your own (15 minutes a day) and a final process where we remove ties together.

Emotional processing

By becoming aware of our heavy emotions we can release them. I have developed a simple technique which I will teach you so you can release emotions whenever you need and want. This sometimes turns into a regression therapy where we follow the feelings together into the past to find its roots and release it together. Emotional states which are repeating themselves daily or weekly are subconscious habits, and the brain has become literally addicted to them due to the chemicals they release. When you start to release them, they will fight for their survival. By observe and release them with full awareness these addictions will slowly lose their grip and the emotional patterns fade away.

Clearing of patterns

To clear patterns is similar to releasing emotions. They are mostly ideas, beliefs, fears etc, which we took as ours and are now active in our subconscious, thus ruling our life experience. Like how we react in certain situations, or how we behave in front of someone who we like (this works great to overcome problems in relationships). Even diseases can be observed and released in this way. To release mental patterns and clear out false ideas about ourselves and the world is necessary in order to change what we attract into our lives, what kind of relationships we create, and how we deal with challenges. It’s the answer to the question “why is this always happening to me?”.

Guided meditations

Basically every process is a form of guided meditation, but apart from that I will show you how to stay connected, how to be in your body with your full awareness, and how to just calm down when you need it.

Autogenic training

This is a semi-hypnotic technique which brings you through sensations of warmth and heaviness in a deeply relaxed state. In this state I will give you positive affirmations which we will choose together before the session starts. In this deep meditative state all affirmations goes deep into the subconscious.

Regression therapy

This is a therapy to rediscover the past. It can be from this life, and/or from past lives. When you have a repeating problem it is good to find its root and heal it there. Within every session I guide you and help you to completely let go of all what comes up. You don’t need to personally believe in past lives for this to work. Whatever comes up in the regression represents how you feel in your subconscious and the images you see will help you to heal.

Healing Art

By expressing your feeling through art you will have a better understanding of how you really are. This is an exercise which you will do on your own when you are in an emotional state. Later on in a session we will analyze your work together.

And some exercises:

Forgiving exercises: meditations, where you hold hands and imagine the highest selves of each other, the ones which would never hurt you. Then I guide you to experience forgiveness, until you can really feel it, deep in your heart.

Connecting exercises: meditations, where we put our hand on each other’s hearts and really feel each other again.

Accepting exercises: meditations where you are guided to accept yourself and your partner as you are.

Becoming a good listener: is a talk where we learn to listen and feel what our partner is expressing.

Taking responsibility for our reactions: This is a natural consequence of all emotional processes and all other techniques. With processing emotions we realize no-one else is responsible for our overreacting. It is us. When you realize that, all the blame on your partner disappears and you get to analyse your own feelings, find out where they are coming from and release them. When there is no blame, there is no tension. You forgive, or you even realise there is nothing to forgive. You realise you are mirrors to each other and your own best teachers. If you heal your own emotions and patterns, your relationship will change. Your life will change. All for the better.

The goal is to feel good in yourself, because then it is easier to connect with your partner again.

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