What is Hypnotherapy, really?

Many people still think that hypnotherapy is something like they saw in the movies. Far from that. What you saw in the movies, is a stage hypnosis which is not therapeutic at all, and I don’t appreciate the fact that it is used on people in the way it is.

So, forget that image about hypnotherapy. Because here we are talking about something completely different.

Hypnosis is a stage between being a sleep and being awake. You can be still aware, remember the words you hear, but at the same time you are in such a deep relaxation like you would almost be asleep.  We experience some states of natural hypnosis in daily life. For example, when you are driving a car and listening to the music… You are completely engaged in music, but still perfectly driving your car. At that moment your subconscious is driving a car, you are not thinking about it, not really. Or when you are painting in a trance. Or doing anything else in what you are completely engaged with all your senses. Daydreaming is also a form of it.

You can heal many different things with hypnotherapy. You choose the topic you want to work on, so it might be phobia, or losing weight, or healing an addiction of any kind, or healing traumas or many other things… Your hypnotherapist will adapt a script just for you, for your unique problem. At least that is how hypnotherapists should work.

When you will relax and come into hypnotic state, your subconscious will be able to take in messages. It will be able to change. But, you will still be a master of it, so it will change: Only with your permission. Without it, it won’t!

So, before you opt for hypnotherapy, you need first to decide, that you REALLY WANT TO CHANGE! And that you are ready for it. Without your honest decision you are wasting your time and money. But, once you decide, everything is possible! In that case hypnotherapy will be an amazing help, a great tool to help you to achieve what you want.

Before I studied hypnotherapy I thought it was like some kind of magic, just like you might think right now. I thought I will fall into hypnosis like you see in the movies and remember nothing at all and then a change will magically appear even if I do nothing for it. So, I was quite disappointed at first when I realized it is not so. But now, when I understand it better, I am totally amazed with it. And I understand: Everyone needs first to make a clear decision to heal whatever is to heal. This decision allows your subconscious to accept the words of your hypnotherapist. And when this happens, then you are ready for miracles. Sometimes they happen immediately after the session. In other cases you can see results slowly, growing, becoming stronger and stronger. It really does depend on each individual how the process will happen. But, once you activate your subconscious, it starts. And that is the fact.

Even though I finished my studies with distinction, I feel, there is so much more to learn. So much more to discover. I feel like hypnotherapy is a subject where you can never learn everything and it has still so many amazing secrets to find. I feel like each case is so unique like every case is the first case like that. And I love that. I love to train myself to be so flexible so that I am able to adapt to all the different needs of people, to all the different minds which work in a very unique way. Every new client is a new lesson for me. A new experience.  And I am totally in love with my work, because for me the biggest gift is to see people coming to me in tears, but leaving with a big smile. And this is my personal goal: To help to everyone who comes to me, to find their real smile in their hearts. To find peace. To come back to themselves and start to live their life with their own personal power.  My wish is to show people that they can do it! They can take responsibility for their own decisions and create what they desire. And… they are just one step away from it. And that step is a DECISION! The POWER is in you!

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